Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cydia- How to install

Cydia download - In layman's terms Cydia is just basically a software download program that is usually utilized and used in the ios of apple iphones.

The advantages of this software are vast, and  include numerous applications for example fast browsing and installing free apple app store apps. With the aid of this software download it  can also be used with all apple products including the iPad, iPod, and apple iphones.

Cydia is really a software program that allows the the use for 3rd party software programs.
Remember the number one golden rule before using cydia stated below:-

Rule- First уοu hаνе tο jailbreak уοur iphone. Thеn follow thе download аnԁ installation guide below:

To install Cydia, and to run it, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone using  its jailbreak tools I don't recommend using thе free services, аѕ thеѕе will usually contain viruses, οr don't work. Fοr аn instant download tο unlock/jailbreak уουr phone  Click here to do this

Ok now you have your iphone jailbroken and cydia installed so just follow the below instructions:-

1. Open up the new Cydia app on your iPhone.

At the first time of running Cydia, the cydia  program will be Initializing the  Filesystem.. When complete, cydia will exit then re-start cydia app.

2. Now you may be asked “Who Are You” this will then figure out how  the Cydia app will  interact with your iphone  based on the selected category. By choosing the correct category  you will help to aid Cydia in applying the correct filters. You will then find 3 different  options: User, Hacker, Developer. Tap “User” (suggested for typical users)

3. Cydia will now be checking  for your iPhone for any package updates, and it will  then ask you to update its database for the first time if updates are found. You may see the progress bar  say: “Downloading packages” this will now download new packages database index manually.

4. Just let the Cydia database index run, by itself.

5. You are now going to be prompted to upgrade the program package. You will discover “Upgrade Essential”, “Complete Upgrade”, and “Ignore (Temporary)”. Now select  the Complete Upgrade then tap Confirm to commence upgrading. Do not ignore this upgrade, otherwise you are likely to encounter errors.

6. Now wait till the process total, then tap Close Cydia (Restart)

7. Now, the Cydia software app will be working fine. You may need to start off adding a favourite repo to Cydia and then commence the installing package to modify, and tweak and customize your iPhone or installing 3rd party apps outside official apps from iTunes store.


There is also  a special technique to use after installing Cydia on your iPhone , iPod, or iPad. There are so many preparations you must do before you  install this software, the first has to do with the jailbreaking of the software.

Once the jail break process has been completed, the software will automatically install Cydia. Beyond that, there is a violation of the  jail breaking, and the programs software will install Cydia and so you will need an internet connection.

Whаt iѕ Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is really a term that's accustomed to describe the action of getting rid of built-in software restrictions that the device may have because of the operating-system or even the administrative file. For instance, mobile phones created by ATT will not be utilized using the cellular company howeverr, jailbreaking an ATT phone allows the consumer to make use of any  company he/she wishes.

Jailbreaking could be carried out in almost any device, but is particularly helpful in mobile phones and iPads, since it enables customers to make the most of programs that may not have the ability to operate on the unit. That the Android Market enables Android customers to make use of programs from all kinds if sources as well as create their very own programs, the Apple Application Store is tightly controlled and just enables customers to set up pre-approved programs.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Jail breaking and Unlocking questions we receive

We have receive alot of questions via email, so i would like to post the most often asked, to help you out, if your thinking the same questions:-

Is this Legal?
Yes! The courts have ruled that Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhones is completely legal. You paid for your iPhone, ergo it is yours. As your exclusive property, you're free to do what you want with it.

Is it safe? Will it void my warranty?
100% Safe. It is totally reversible with a system restore!

What is so good about jailbreaking/Unlocking my iphone?
Stop paying for apps! Run any app of your choice! This means you can use tons of free APPS and we show you how, and use your iPhone with any sim card. Your phone can be used on any network such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Fido, Orange, Tracfone, Vodafone, O2, Oi, Telefonica, Rogers, Tim, DiGi, Cellone, Swisscom, Telcel, Starhub, Si.Mobile, Telenor, Cellcom, MoviStar, Optimus, and many more.

Why Jailbreak?

Ok the reasons for unlocking your iPhone are clear, but why jailbreak it too?  There are tons of reasons,ng reasons see our full list why jailbreak page click here

Ok heres a snippet of  top 10 reason why?

1) Gain access to previously restricted Applications

2)Get Unshackled from AT&T

3) Thousands of Free Ringtones!

4) Gain full control of your iPhone

5) Stop paying for apps!

6)  *Use FLASH on any Phone

7) Access to THOUSANDS of FREE Applications

8) Watch Live TV For Free On Your Phone

9) Access and use Third Party Software Apple Doesn’t allow you to use otherwise.

10) Use Video Chat on your iphone  for free.
  Enough reason for you!. 

OK then So Why Unlock?
 Unleashing your apple jailbroken  iphone will allow you to swap your  SIM cards and use your apple iphone on any phone network, worldwide.

So if you want to travel abroad, a SIM-locked apple iphone can't be used -  so what to do!, simple an unlocked apple iphone works with any network in almost any country - Dont ever buy a disposable sim again or a temporary phone.
 I hope this has answered some of your questions with the cydia download